Texture Modified Food Made Easy


Pureed Food for Health and Aged Care

The all new way to texture modify meals for Dysphagia patients in Health and Aged Care. TM Pro is an all natural method using our patented vegetable fibre blend that is simple to use, will not mask the natural flavour of the food, is easy to plate and re-therm and can be used in infinite recipes, just weight the ingredients, add the powder, blend and shape.  The mix is shelf, fridge and freezer stable and can be used in High Acidity recipes such as Sweet & Sour Sauces, as well as low Ph beverages such as Honey and Lemon drinks.


Texture Modified Food for Dysphagia made easy!

TM Pro Fruit is specially designed to thicken fruit and cold vegetables, as well as hot and cold thickened fluids. Now you can create amazing fruit platters and chilled salads simply, quickly and without masking the food or drinks natural flavours.


TM Pro Plus

We all know the old saying "an Apple a day keeps the Doctor away", while that may not be totally true, we do know that good nutrition is the key to good health, recovery and healing. Protein is the key foundation, or building block for the body,  helping the body to heal after surgeries, accidents and illnesses, or just to maintain good health in older people. TM Pro Plus has the same great qualities of our TM Pro, with the added benefit of natural protein sourced from Vegetable extract. 

Our Products

The TM Range


With up to 64% of all resident requiring some kind of modified diets, and the challenges of providing multiple products at different thicknesses to meet the new IDDSI standards, we have created an all Natural, Vegan and Gluten Free powder base. Simple to use and all natural products to suit every IDDSI standard for Liquids and Foods.

TM Pro


Our base mix perfect for thickening Soups, Sauces and Meat purée to meet the IDDSI Standards. Our Vegan and Gluten free base will heat above 100 degrees without separatin, splitting  or loosing shape. Simple to use, just blend the food either hot or cold, add the powder, blend and pipe, shape or mould. Can be frozen.

TM Pro Plus


TM pro Plus has all the benefits of TM Pro with the addition of natural Vegetable Protein to enhance soups, vegetable dishes, sides and sauces to ensure your residents and patients get the correct amount of protein per serve. As with all our TM Range the products can be shaped in advanced and frozen before re-heating.

TM Fruit


Our Fruit product is an amazing powder base that wont change the flavour of your product. Designed to thicken cold salad vegetables such as lettuce, tomato and cucumber as well as fresh or canned fruit for salads. Simply add the powder to your cold blended fruit or vegetables, blend for 15 seconds and shape. Can be frozen, serve chilled.

TM Drink


This amazing new product is designed specifically for thickened fluids and drinks. Works perfectly in Dairy, Water, Beer, Wine, Spirits, Juices, Tea, Coffee and Chocolate Drinks. Just scoop, blend and drink. Simple measures, simple to blend with no change of flavour or waxy aftertaste. All natural with added Vegetable Fibres.


Simple to use instructions for amazing Puree Meals, Thickened Soups, Sauces and Fluids