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Our experienced Food Technologists and Chefs wanted to do something to change the standard of food, desserts and beverages available for those suffering Dysphagia. In some cases up to 64% of all residents and patients require some form of Texture Modification to their meals, and we wanted to make a difference. Our chefs and food technologists partnered with Speech Pathologists, Dietitians and Industry bodies such as IDDSI, The Lantern Project and IHHC, to create a natural vegetable based powder to thicken food and drinks that is easy to use, and holds up to higher and lower temperatures.


TM Pro, TM Pro Plus, TM Fruit and TM Drink

After years of research and evaluation we suddenly realised we had created the most amazing range of powder bases that are all natural, have the added benefit of good fibres, proteins and don't leave you with a waxy or gelatinous mouth feel or flavour. Our range of powders are simple to use, just scoop, blend and shape either using a piping bag or silicone mold. Our blend won't mask the foods natural flavour or mouth feel, contains all natural ingredients and is simple to use, plus the TM Pro and TM Pro Plus holds up to temperatures of 120 degrees Celsius without melting or separating, so the ability to handle and serve is much easier for the kitchen staff.


Our Range

  • TM Pro is our base mix for all hot dishes, both Meats and Vegetables including Soups, Sauces and Hot Beverages
  • TM Pro Plus with the benefit of added Protein to boost the nutrition of meals, soups, sauces and hot beverages
  • TM Pro Fruit is specifically designed for fresh fruit, salads and thickened cold beverages
  • TM Drink is our all new powder base for all thickened fluids including hot beverages (up to 65 degrees), juices, wines, beers, sodas and spirits.
  • Get IDDSI Compliant on all your Texture Modified and Puree Food


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